Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You Are the Expert!

For those who hear the voices around and within them casting doubt on their ability to homeschool their children, I want to offer some encouragement.

I recently gained an insight through an experience involving Cricket, who was recently evaluated with a speech delay of almost 50%, placing him at about the 15 month mark in expressive speech (receptive speech was normal). We decided to take advantage of the state-funded early intervention program, and a speech therapist (ST) began to visit us in our home. Within a few meetings, it was clear that the ST was not a good fit with Cricket. She had a particular plan in mind, and Cricket was not interested in her plan and completely ignored her.

I called the service coordinator seeking advice. She asked me if I had discussed my concerns with the ST. I told her that I was concerned about the appropriateness of questioning her, since she was the expert. The coordinator stopped me short and told me firmly, "No! You are the expert when it comes to your child!"

This really hit home for me. When I was working in rehabilitation services with disabled individuals, I said this very same thing to parents many times. But somehow, I didn't internalize it as a parent myself. She was right. I am the expert. I know my child.

So for those out there who are hearing voices of doubt, whether they be your own voice or that of others, YOU ARE THE EXPERT. You spend every day with your child, and you know his strengths and weaknesses. You rejoice with him when he succeeds and cry with him when he fails.

And to my religious friends out there, please also remember that it is to you that God has entrusted your child. Only you are entitled to receive personal guidance from your Father in Heaven concerning that child. Listen to His voice so intently that it will drown out your own doubts and the voices of all the naysayers. He will not fail you.


  1. YES! School districts don't get that, or at least ours doesn't. And thank you for the encouragement!!
    Also, good luck with the speech therapist - we had EI until Kittyboy aged out at 3, and they gave us such a backbone along the way, that when the school district wanted to classify him as autistic, we felt totally comfortable saying no.

  2. Absolutely correct on all points, Tracy! So many parents though do not advocate for even their own child and just defer to the expert, assuming the expert is an expert for a reason and that trumps being "just a mom' or "just a dad"

    No one has your child's best interests in mind and at heart like you as a parent do! NO ONE! Go with your gut/instincts/revelation about what is best for your child and be bold in saying so!

    Thanks again for letting me read this. I needed the reminder/encouragement today!



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