Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Family Tree: A File Folder Game

Before I had children, I was heavily involved in researching my family tree. Our ancestors were European immigrants, and I thought with Grasshopper's interest in geography and history, this would interest her. But she just wasn't that interested. Then I saw a family tree activity in a recent magazine and decided that I could turn it into this file folder game. And it has been a big hit, even with Cricket.

To make your own:

1 file folder
4 pages cardstock paper
Glue stick
Con-Tact paper
Snack size Ziploc bag
  1. Print out two copies of pages 24-25 of the October 2009 Friend Magazine on cardstock paper.

  2. Paste one copy in the inside of a file folder (heavy ones will last longer).

  3. Cut the ovals out of the second copy.

  4. Paste pictures onto the ovals that correspond with the people on the family tree (includes the child, his parents, grandparents and great-grandparents).

  5. Print the names (and birth dates and places, if desired) on a piece of paper. Cut them out and glue them under each oval on the file folder. You may want to also paste the names onto the back of the pictures, as well, so that they can match the names. (But leave room for the velcro.)

  6. Laminate the inside of the file folder with Con-Tact paper. Laminate the ovals with the pictures on them. (Make sure to leave enough space around the pictures so that the laminate will hold.)

  7. Put velcro on each oval on the file folder and on the back of each picture oval. Make sure the soft side of the velcro is always used on the file folder and the rough side for the pictures.

  8. Store the pieces in a ziploc bag with the rough side of the velcro on the back in the same orientation as it is placed on the file folder so that you can attach the bag to the inside of the file folder when not in use.


  1. love this idea!there are so many great games in the friends.... oh the possibilities!

  2. Thanks for the comments! I hoped that it would inspire others :)

  3. This is brilliant!! My boys will love this, my oldest especially is getting interested in family history.

    Nice blog, btw, I found it from the WTM boards. I'm an LDS homeschooler too. :)

  4. Do you know how to find the Ensign PDFs like the one you linked? I've been trying to find them all morning with no success.

  5. Olivia, when you have an article on the screen, you click on Download, and PDF is one of the options.


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